Introduction to Flutter | Start Learning Flutter Now !!


Welcome to the new world of programming with flutter.Yes it’s a new start for developing your apps in much more flexible, performance, faster in-terms of development, expressive and so on…


The most interesting factor with the flutter is to get to know how to develop an app with lightening fast speed and that too can develop, design and publish Android & IOS application development at once.

Both the apps can be generated with the same code kind of cross platform mobile development that’s the most interesting factor.


Platforms Together


flutter sdk

Another interesting feature in flutter –> flutter sdk developers are working on making flutter available on all the platforms available like desktops apps, websites, mobile apps, android, ios wear watches, tv apps and so on…

In coming days same chunk of code can me used to deploy same service on different platforms providing same output on all the devices is isn’t it great and of course exciting too.


May we have other hybrid ways of implementations like React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, Angular and so on.. but flutter is the latest version of app development and is from Google.

How to develop mobile app? Yes it’s based on Google own programming language called as Dart  Dart language may appear like a new language but its been already used in google chrome for drawing pixels on screen.



Faster Development


I have used flutter an app maker, so based on my experience with flutter sdk i can say that yes its faster way of programming and here you may correct me. But i can assure that the changes in the app are updated with 2-5 seconds based on your hardware. I have written a basic code and tested it on both android and ios as well.

flutter sdk

When compared both the screens on side by side there was no difference between them.

And also general things like menu bar, buttons and several other views in android and ios have their own style of implementations and also design will appear differently but that is not in case of flutter.


The Hot Reload will make your apps ready within few seconds.Giving you really a refreshing performance in terms of mobile application development.


Design & UI


When come’s to the design flutter sdk will satisfy you in a much lavish way.flutter sdk

Yes what you read is right if you don’t believe me may download this app and let me know in comment section.

You will notice the same output on all the devices without any missing component’s because as we said it’s same code for every device.

Not only the latest devices but flutter even supports earlier released versions of Android and IOS too so its much better option to choose right.


And reading this if you are not satisfied then have a look at below links



Download these apps and try to compare them on either of the platforms.


Android :




Native Performance

flutter sdk

Not only all the above stated features but you can code all the critical components and native supported features of the both systems together at once.


Generally you may experience a difference in between widgets, scrolling issues, designs, icons and several other things which differ android and ios way of app development but not in terms of flutter.





Flutter provides documentation for developers coming from different platforms so that they can use their knowledge and experience towards flutter.


Download Flutter SDK

Go through the below video to download flutter sdk



In Use

Several mobile app development company and organizations already built apps using flutter like, app tree, google itself and many more


This tutorial will let you know the basic level implementation in flutter i.e., how to develop android app, iphone app development  for more information may visit official website.





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