MYSQL Database Creation of a table || PHP


MYSQL Database :

MySql Database plays a key role in maintaining information and provide app required data when we call an api or can store information when saved.

It’s a general scenario we see mostly but creating a database is not so rocket science as it might appear for the novice follow this tutorial carefully and within no time you will be a pro in dealing with databases as well as api management.

This tutorial will not only help you learn MySql Database, PHP but it boosts your confidence, how ? by letting you learn from basics adding interesting video tutorials which can be understood through out the world.

So why late lets get through today’s topic MySql Database



CRUD Operations

Basically the mostly performed operations and most important topic for a beginner to know regarding the MySql Database tutorial. In any database these are the key operations to be performed.

C -> Create

R-> Read

U-> Update

D-> Delete



For creating a database and tables inside the MySql database we use this operation.And to clarify one point a database can have more than one table.

CREATE TABLE user_table (
Name Varchar, Age int, email Varchar );



For reading values from MySql database we use this operation and also we can pass a key value to fetch the particular data and process.You can clearly see this in the tutorial playlist provided.

SELECT Name, Age
FROM user_table;



For updating the current values in the MySql database we use this operation.Similar to read operation we can pass a key value to update particular row.

UPDATE user_table
SET Name = abhi, Age = 25
WHERE condition;


Delete / Drop

This operation is used for deleting a row from table, or entire table or even sometimes dropping a database.So its risky operation if not used correctly.We can pass a parameter key to delete the selected row / table/ database.



DELETE FROM user_table [WHERE condition];



DROP TABLE user_table;


For more information and complete details visit the video tutorial below.

If you are having any query’s in this tutorial on MySql Database do let us know in the comment section below.If you like this tutorial do like and share us for more interesting updates.



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