Java Print Condition – Display Message


Java Print Condition :

In every programming language we will try to print statements, values and what ever it might be to display.In java we use System.out.print.

In previous tutorials we have used the statement multiple time and here we have different way of executing this statement



This condition will print a statement and make cursor available  in the same line


System.out.print("Cursor is in same line");


Java Print Condition



This condition will print the statement and will move to next line.

System.out.println("Cursor moved to next line");


You can find the cursor even in output.

Java Print Condition


Update Statement:

I have two variables

public static int num = 1;
public static String message = "Welcome";


Now i want to print these two variables and also want to provide some additional information

System.out.println(" int : "+num+"   String : "+message);


Java Print Condition



Multi-Line Output:

Some times we need to print values in multiple lines to provide a better readability.

System.out.println(" int variable --> "+num+"\n String variable -->"+message);


Java Print Condition


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