OOP’S concept || Explanation of OOP concept


Object oriented programing (oop) :

In this blog on oop concept you can get to know the OOP concept in java.Object Oriented Programming is programming model which helps you to code java classes and objects.


oop concept

There involves few concepts in this oop concept model which will help to simplify software development process in java.

  1. Abstraction
  2. Encapsulation
  3. Polymorphism
  4. Inheritance
  5. Object
  6. Class



In general scenario abstraction is a process of hiding the details regarding implementations and show only necessary overview so that user can use them without knowing the underlying details.

The complexity of designing a software is reduce using this concept.For achieving abstraction we use abstract classes or interfaces.

For detailed info on abstraction visit


Wrapping up of data members and member functions is defined as encapsulation.It’s a process of hiding the data from other classes.

As it provides control over data access its much easier in testing scenarios.

For detailed info on encapsulation visit


Polymorphism allows us to do a task in different ways. The word polymorphism is derived from Greek words

poly -> many

morph -> forms.


There are two kinds of Polymorphism

1) Compile time polymorphism:

Compile time polymorphism is achieved by method overloading.

2) Run time polymorphism

Run time polymorphism is achieved by method overriding.

For detailed info on polymorphism visit



Inheritance is a process of using parent class data members and member functions in child class. Also it plays a vital role in code reusablity in java.

Java supports three types of inheritance:

  1. Single level Inheritance
  2. Multi level Inheritance
  3. Hierarchical Inheritance.

For detailed information on inheritance visit


An object is a real world entity which has a properties and task performed by the object.An object is instance of the class.


Student is an object.


Student has a properties like

1 Roll Number

2 Name

3 Course

Now task performed by Student object as below

1 Read

2 Write

3 Listen



A class is defined as template or blue print that describes a behavior of the object. An object follow the class.

Class consists of number of objects.Objects created by the class has to follow the class declarations.


A class having three students considered to be objects

Ravi, Sam, Michael will have properties like roll number, name, course and does the task read, write, listen.


If you have any query’s in the oop concept let us know in the comment section below.Like share the tutorial for more interesting updates.


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