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Android Studio :

Android Studio had recently released a new update version of android studio 4.0. Which is a much faster, reliable and having efficiency to make a smart coding possible.

The key aspects which will help for the faster app development are like Build Analyzer to boost up app development and faster build’s.



What’s new ???

We already had dealt with constraint layouts which are super easy to design a rich layout within no time now they are added with a Motion Editor.

So that the animations and development of the design i..e, creating a xml view is made easier and richer comparatively to previous versions of android studio.


android studio 4.0

Note : Image source https://android-developers.googleblog.com


A layout validation window is provided to preview design of different screen’s that is based on the device dimensions.

How they are looking i..e, screen sizes, configurations and every aspect related to that view.

3D representation of nested view’s to know the hierarchy of the project and also find out from where the code is moving from screen to screen easily by following the design.

CPU profiler updates to provide the information of memory usage and thread performance.

This will make the app usage more easier and increase the overall performance.

Live templates are provided for the Kotlin user’s to make a quick coding by avoiding all the boiler plate coding.

You just need to type the keyword for any functionality and click Tab button to quickly grab it to the code instead of manually writing it.

When Building the final APK or App Bundle sometimes we get some issues regarding the third party library’s.

Because the library’s metadata and may result in the app release to stop i.e, not able to release the app now.

We can avoid the dependencies metadata so as to ensure all the unnecessary issues to arise.



Overall view on Android studio is upgraded considering the design, performance, analyzing, improved coding practices for Kotlin users



So are you ready to upgrade for android studio 4.0 why late then click below link or update form current studio happy coding…

Download the latest version of android studio


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