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Flutter 2.0.0 :

Flutter version 2.0.0 released on march 3rd providing some additional features for development.Till now flutter was used to develop apps for android and iOS devices.

But with the release of flutter version 2.00 it extended it’s services to other platforms like windows, mac, linux and web apps i.e., apps developed to use on browser.

As a developer its very tedious task to work on different platforms with the same project because the logic has to be changed according to the operating system way of adopting it.


How is work’s ?

For example we might notice a simple change in android and iOS regarding data storage options like shared preferences in android is similar to NSUserDefaults in iOS.

In the above scenario as a developer you need to implement both to store data on these devices like android and iOS.

So in flutter we can use shared preferences and can store data on both android and iOS devices as well so here you can save time and get the functionality as well similarly there are other ways where you can save time which makes flutter a key option for developer.

Platforms :

Flutter 2.0.0 version is now able to support these platforms

  1. Android
  2. iOS


Newly added

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Linux
  4. Web


Advantages :

  • Performance is improved when your whole team concentrate on single code base and can work more effectively than before.
  • Stability of the product is maintained as it works on 6 platforms now it needs to stable any way.
  • For a developer to achieve a product to work on different platforms definitely need some support flutter provides and good support through community
  • Flutter extends its support for progressive web apps (PWA), Single page application.
  • A mobile developer can create a app for desktop’s (windows, mac, linux) this is a very good initiative and adds as a additional skill set for developer

Null-Safety :

Flutter 2.0.0 supports null safety, as the app work on different platforms we need to handle the issues raised due to null.

In Android(Kotlin) programming we have experienced null safety may visit this link for example.

Null-Safety is still pending in some of the flutter plugins and might result in issues when trying to use them.



Usage :

  • G-Pay started it’s development in flutter and has released apps for android and iOS devices.
  • Most of the google apps are developed using flutter
  • Not only G-Pay and google products but also other company’s like Tencent, ebay, Alibaba Group, EMAAR, Dream11 and more use flutter for development.
  • DartPad tool used to code dart programming online was also developed using flutter


Support :

  • Flutter team gets support from microsoft, linux to extend their apps onto these platforms as well
  • Flutter SDK is available on linux app store to develop apps using linux operating system.
  • Microsoft surface duo, can use flutter apps on this device as well with the release of new emulator from the team.
  • Flutter and Google Chrome team working to get the best in terms of web apps development using flutter.



flutter 2.0.0




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