Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



Using Androidcoding.in is the indication that you agree to our terms and conditions and to the privacy policy. Androidcoding.in is provided to user’s on the terms and conditions provided and every user should respect and follow them.

Information provided in Androidcoding.in is just for the use of general information purpose only.Androidcoding.in doesn’t give any responsibility regarding the data accuracy, reliability, completeness of any service or information provided here we strictly recommend every user to use the information at your own risk.Androidcoding.in is not responsible for the damage caused due to usage of this services / information.Androidcoding.in doesn’t hold any responsibility for any issue and consequences regarding the consequences faced by the users.

Androidcoding.in can change its policy’s, terms & conditions at any time its the sole responsibility of the user to read privacy-policy and terms and conditions regularly.Androidcoding.in takes all the effort in bringing the data / information to the user’s and sometimes there may me any mistakes/errors/missing of data neither Androidcoding.in or third parties providing the information are not responsible for the consequences and user is sole responsible.

User can use tutorials available in Androidcoding.in for his/her personal usage or even can save data to their device for any non-commercial use and should not use in any other way.User’s need to check the reliability of data before taking any step further.

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