Android RecyclerView search tutorial for beginners

  Android Recyclerview Search : Android Recyclerview Search is used to filter the data populated through the recycler view.The best example is contacts list where we can search the contacts and filter the data. Popular application like facebook, whatsapp and many other apps provide a search to filter their chats and also a dictionary is … Read more

Android ExoPlayer tutorial for beginners

  Android ExoPlayer : Android ExoPlayer is used to play videos in the android app, in this tutorial we will see the integration.It’s an alternative to¬† default media player provided by android. Using ExoPlayer we can directly stream videos over HTTP, also can providing customization’s. Because Exoplayer is a open source we can customize the … Read more

Android realm | Android Tutorial on Realm Database

  In this blog we will discuss about the usage of android Realm database in android app.So far we have learnt different local databases in android. Local databases are used to store data in app level so as to maintain user required information available in offline state.When there a requirement to store details in the … Read more

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