Collection sort using objects || Java Example

We will get to know how to use collection framework in java. In this blog we will learn how to use collections sorting, collection in java using comparable object.   Collection in java A collection is a object holding the reference to the objects and using interfaces we can perform operations on them. java provides … Read more

Collections Sort || Java Example

In this blog we will see¬†Collection Framework in java¬† and how to sort elements in java.We have sort() in java.util package by using which we can by default sort the list in ascending and descending order. Let’s see some sorting mechanisms in collections   ArrayList Sorting :   Let us consider a String ArrayList and … Read more

Runnable Interface || Thread in Java || Java example

  In the previous blog on Thread we have seen the implementation of Thread in java.In this topic Runnable interface is used to run threads.   Runnable interface Why do we need to use Runnable? To use a thread we need to extend our class with Thread class and every class can extend only class … Read more

Multithreading in java || Methods in Thread || Java example

  Java Multithreading : Java multithreading is a concept of doing multiple task at a same time.Thread is a light weight sub-process.Let’s see a example of how this concept is used in real time.   Consider a two classes Abc() and Def().And will use for loop to print numbers from 0 to 9 class Abc … Read more

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