Android Work manager tutorial || Background Services || Periodic Work Request

Android work manager : In continuation to the previous tutorial we are proceeding with android work manager – periodic work request, i.e., when ever we want to do a work at a periodic interval of time we use this type of work request. When the work request is initialised and assigned it will complete the … Read more

Kotlin Synthetic Binding || A new way to bind UI components

  Kotlin Synthetic Binding : Kotlin synthetic binding makes it much simpler and easier to bind views in your code. It has a easy to implement interface and is supported in Kotlin. We declare id for the components and the id is the only aspect we make use in the synthetic binding we previously seen … Read more

Android tutorial on work manager || Background Services || OneTimeWorkRequest

OneTimeWorkRequest : Android Work Manager OneTimeWorkRequest is used to handle the background task which are deferable and asynchronously done. Deferable means task can be done later not immediately and should be guaranteed that the work is to be done under any circumstance. When the new versions of android operating system’s released to market they mainly … Read more

Kotlin coroutines with retrofit || Kotlin Tutorial

  Kotlin Coroutine : Kotlin coroutine provide a safer way of asynchronous coding. A coroutine is light weight thread which run parallel and can also communicate with each other depending upon the requirement. Creating and using a coroutine is a simple as well maintaining them too.Performance is also quite good when compared to traditional threads. … Read more

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