MVVM Architecture || Beginners Guide || Android Coding

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” use_border_color=”off” border_color=”#ffffff” border_style=”solid”] MVVM (Model – View – ViewModel) is a architectural design pattern for software development. MVVM architecture in android provides a better way of dealing with the components by making them loosely coupled. In MVVM architecture every components has its own task to be furnished so … Read more

Break || Continue || Java example

Java break and continue : The java keywords break and continue are used to stop a iteration or to skip a iteration based on the provided condition. Let’s see the real time usage of┬ájava break and continue   break : When you are looping through a iteration and want to stop the complete iteration when … Read more

Java Print Condition – Display Message

  Java Print Condition : In every programming language we will try to print statements, values and what ever it might be to display.In java we use System.out.print. In previous tutorials we have used the statement multiple time and here we have different way of executing this statement   System.out.print: This condition will print a … Read more

Java Arithmetic Operators – Java example

  Java Arithmetic Operators : Java arithematic operators is explained in this part of the tutorial with the help of operators and variables.These operators are used in mathematical operators mostly they are numeric. These operands cannot be used on other data types because they are only supported by numeric and also char variable.   Addition … Read more

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